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If you're looking for a rear roll pan for your truck, shipped from Canada, then you've found the largest selection in this country.

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  • Do you have questions about a roll pan that you need a roll pan expert to answer?
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Then you've came to the best place to buy a roll pan in Canada.

We have the best truck roll pans in Canada at the cheapest prices. We stock over 100 roll pans and have access to many more. All product are shipped from Canada so you don't have to deal with brokerage, US$ Exchange or duty. You also won't have to try to figure out how to send parts back if you find you were expecting something different. Most roll pans on this site are in stock unless marked as Special Order. All prices are in Canadian dollars.

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Why would I buy a roll pan?

The best way I can answer that question is with more questions. Why do girls wear lipstick? Why do you shower? Because when you do you look better and feel better about yourself. A roll pan for your truck has the same effect. A roll pan will make your truck look better. Some of the newer trucks have nicer painted rear bumpers (Some, not all) that don't look too bad but a lot of the older trucks the rear bumper stuck out and basically was there so that if you wanted to tow something light you could bolt a trailer ball on and haul a small trailer. If you're not happy with the looks of the rear bumper on your truck and how it sticks out and looks out of place then you might want to consider buying a roll pan.

Can I still tow if I have a roll pan?

Yes you can, you just need a special hitch that goes in behind your roll pan. A regular hitch won't work because it will come out right in the middle of your roll pan and if you had to cut the hole out it would look really bad. Can you modify your factory hitch to work with a roll pan? Maybe. If you have a welder and are good at fabricating you very well could modify your hitch so that you can still tow with your roll pan in place. Or maybe you could have a friend do it or even build a custom hitch to fit behind your roll pan.

Where can I buy a roll pan?

If you found our website and are reading this then you found the best place in Canada to buy a roll pan. We have sold thousands of roll pans over the years and know them inside out. We keep all the common models in stock.

How much does a roll pan cost?

They start at just over $150 for a stamped steel one and can go up to several hundred dollars for a urethane one.  

I'm ready to buy a roll pan

Great! Your truck will look way better and you will get lots of compliments. Browse Canada's best roll pans on our website and order one up. Let us know if you can't find the one you are looking for because not every one is listed on our website.