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1973-87 Chev/GMC fleetside stamped Steel Roll Pan w/License plate

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Pro EFX Roll Pans

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RP15 | 1973-87 Chev/GMC fleetside stamped Steel Roll Pan w/License plate, Includes license light  
Manufactured by ProEFX | RP15 |  1973-87 Chev/GMC fleetside stamped Steel Roll Pan w/License plate,  Includes license light, Adding a steel roll pan to your truck eliminates the rear bumper with a painted smooth pan for improved looks. It is a great option to replace a damaged rear bumper or as an appearance upgrade. When you add a roll pan to your truck you are removing the rear bumper and will eliminate it. This means that you will need to remove your trailer hitch, if you have one. It also means that if you do want to tow with your truck you will need a custom trailer hitch designed to be used with a roll pan. A normal hitch will come out right about the middle of your new roll pan and will not work. Once you have your bumper and the brackets off a roll pan is quite simple to install. Do a test fit before you have it painted so that you can drill the holes you will need to mount it. In some applications it's a good idea to make a small brace for the lower outside corners to make it easier to mount. You can either use screws or rivets to mount your roll pan, or you can even get it welded into place for a totally custom, smooth look. Most of our roll pans come with a license plate light but you will need to connect it to the wiring on your truck in order for it to work. You will need to supply your own screws or rivets to hold the roll pan in place as they are not included in most applications. Some roll pans will require you to relocate your spare tire and move it forward.   Product information updated on 2024-06-11. This product can ship by Oversize